Why buy a girth welder ?

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If you are in the welding business, then you already know what a girth welder is used for and why it is important to have one in your arsenal of tools. However, if you are probably just starting out, or you’re quite the handyman who is efficient at building or fixing anything, then knowing what a girth weld is paramount. Indeed, having a clear idea on the tool that gets the work done is as important as knowing why to buy a girth welder.

What is a girth weld?

Girth welds refer to the entire arc welding process required to connect two pipes together along their circumference. It is also called a circumferential weld.

A girth welder is simply the machine you use in order to achieve this process. Usually, automatic girth welders are used for bigger welding projects, such as in the construction of large storage tanks and big pipeline projects.

How does an automatic girth welder work?

A girth welder will either be set on a track on the bottom or have rollers on its top which will in turn sit on the top edge of the tank. As the welder goes along the track or around the tank (or whatever object is being welded), the girth welder automatically seals the parts together and will keep going until it reaches its beginning point. Here, it stops welding.

Why buy a girth welder?

There are many advantages to buying and using a girth welder, and they include

Convenient to use, especially for awkward spots

Since automatic girth welders are typically designed for big projects that would most likely involve working with awkward areas and tight corners, they are perfect for welding jobs where they can be used.

An automatic girth welder will move along its tracks, saving you the stress of lugging heavy equipment from one spot to the other. Also, this feature will let the machine get to areas that may prove more difficult for a human to access.

Gives more accurate, durable results

Girth welders are designed for heavy-duty tasks, and as such, they have been made to provide as perfect a result as possible. Using one will help you produce proper welding results, free of leaks and other challenges that other welding equipment may leave you with.

Saves time and money

Since you are not moving equipment around, a girth welder will help you get your welding job done faster, once you are properly trained on how to use it.

And because it also provides more perfect, long-lasting results, it will save you from costly mistakes. In fact, the ability to get a job done faster and better will give you the additional time and proof you need to take up new jobs.

Safer to use

If you have to do your welding above ground, you will find out that using an automatic girth welder is safer than climbing a scaffolding with a welding tool in one hand.

And because it can get into tight corners more conveniently, the risk of getting injured trying to manipulate yourself and your welding machine through a tight corner is eliminated.

If you are looking to buy a girth welder, there are a lot of great models available. Just start searching, and you’re sure to find one that would make your welding tasks so much easier.