What is the rate home insurance for student ?

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University studies constitute the starting point of a student’s emancipation from his parents and family home. Henceforth, he will leave his previous home to rent an apartment alone. But to facilitate the search for a new home, it is recommended to have a student home insurance estimate in hand. Here’s how to go about comparing rates.

How much does home insurance cost for students?

A tenant must take out valid home insurance with a mutual insurance company, regardless of the type of accommodation rented. Students, as tenants, are also obliged to take out a home insurance policy to cover any risks that may arise at their place of residence. To cover possible claims, they have the choice between a full or basic insurance plan, depending on their budget. It is therefore recommended to select the mutual insurance company to apply for. In order to get an economical rate that covers most of your assets, follow these tips.

What is home insurance student?

The law requires a valid insurance contract for all rented dwellings, except for furnished accommodation. This form of coverage can indeed cover material damage to the rented property. To be sure of being damaged in case of damage, the owner also requires a student home insurance for a university student. This is for one academic year and is renewable until the end of the student’s studies.

Moving into your rental accommodation, such as an apartment, studio, university residence or shared room, is always risky. At any time, a fire, a flood, or an act of vandalism can occur and damage the apartment. Although in the majority of cases, these disasters do not materialize, the insurance allows the student to follow his or her studies with total serenity.

Student home insurance: how to compare rates?

The best way to find a cheap insurance offer is to compare online. To do so, you can use the comparators offered by mutual insurance companies on the web. Easy and free, these tools will guide you to the most affordable student home insurance on the market. Moreover, since students don’t have significant financial means to support their expenses, their profile will have a privileged rate with an insurance company. One more reason to compare the types of insurance available.

Mutual insurance companies offer an average annual fee of 20 to 30 euros to insure a studio or a standard student room. Generally, this fee is estimated to be less than 15 euros per month depending on the specifics of the rented accommodation. This fee covers in principle the risks for a two-roomed apartment with a surface area of 40 m². For a 20 m² studio, however, the rate is between 6 euros and approximately 70 euros in a year.

What kind of guarantees can be subscribed?

Student home insurance plans will vary according to the insured’s needs. Here are some examples:

  • Basic coverage;
  • Tenant’s liability insurance or personal liability insurance;
  • The guarantee against vandalism and theft in the home;
  • Insurance against climatic events;
  • Assistance and criminal defense against legal proceedings;
  • Glass breakage;
  • Legal protection;
  • Compensation for damage to computer equipment.

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