How do you organize a space party ?

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The space party is an astronaut-themed party. It has certain originality because it requires a little imagination. So, organizing an astronaut get-together requires some careful preparation. How to organize a space party?

Personalized invitations and costume

The first step in organizing a space party is through invitation cards. In order to imbue all participants with the theme, it is important to personalize the cards. Motifs evoking space must appear on the message. Also, with this in mind, it is also advisable to opt for envelopes in the shape of rockets or stars.

After the invitation card, the costumes will also require attention. Although they are optional, they can bring a touch of originality to the party. It is thus possible to purchase astronaut costumes for children in certain shops. For those who wish, you can make costumes using papier mache.

A decoration centered on the astronaut universe

To successfully organize an astronaut birthday party, decoration is key. It is therefore important to reproduce a universe approaching the theme. For this, space garlands will do the trick. They should be placed all over the room on a gold background wall preferably. Balloons in the shape of moons, planets or stars will also adorn the party room. Finally, you have to think about making rockets from paper to complete this particular universe.

The special space party cake

A successful space party also goes through the cake. This must imperatively be in accordance with the theme of the space. After having made the cake, it would be interesting to decorate it with sugar paste. They will, for example, make it possible to make small stars and rockets which will cover the upper part.

For the more careful, a mold is also indicated to reproduce the decorative models. Finally, food coloring is another tip to personalize a space party cake. Be careful to spread the dye evenly for perfect aesthetic work.

Space mission games

A space party wouldn't be one without mission games. Several activities will enhance the event while remaining ideally within the theme. For example, an astronaut clue search mission organized in the garden will be suitable for the occasion. The puzzle games to be put together will work the brains of the participants. They can form teams of astronauts to engage in collecting fake meteorites.

The space candies will be hung on strings to allow children to collect as much as possible. For the more enthusiastic, an alien destruction mission will be suitable to cheer them up. The goal will be to destroy messes all over the garden.

For a successful space party organization, it is important to take into account all the details and especially to have the necessary space. After personalized invitation cards, the decor and the cake should be compatible with the theme. Finally, activities should be planned to enhance the whole of the celebration. They must also evoke the astronaut context.