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Also known as Cratom, these capsules are a great support system used worldwide by the people who are in the journey of saying goodbye to drugs like heroin, morphine, etc. To know about this wonderful medicine, let us study more about it.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a native Southeast Asian tree, who’s plants are used to extract the medicine or drugs. The leaves possess Opioid properties and also some kind of stimulant-like effects. The leaves can be consumed by chewing, smoking, or by the simplest form of drying it up and having in a Kratom capsule form. These can also be molded as tablets of different shapes and sizes.

What are its medicinal effects?

Opioid depressant or withdrawal medicine

The major medicinal property for which this capsule is known worldwide is that it acts as an Opioid drug depressant and hence helps in the withdrawal of these drugs. As the leaves of the plant posses opioid properties, hence it plays a significant role in acting as a great alternative for the opioid drugs so that the patient does not face any withdrawal symptoms. And the major aim for the replacement of opioid drugs with Kratom capsules is that it is a plant derivative; hence it is a safer and healthier option. The capsules show this action when used in lower and moderate doses. It has the tendency to show Euphoric effects when consumed in higher amounts.

Stimulant like effects

Ever thought about an energy booster or stimulant that is derived from plants. The Kratom capsules are one such great plant-derived medicine that posses stimulant-like effects. It acts as an energy booster, increases the stamina of the human body, and further reduces the fatigue from the muscles. It is consumed worldwide by the people who want to work more than there body limits so that they can work without any fatigue. This capsule is commonly used by sports persons and workers as they require a great amount of stamina and face fatigue frequently.

A great effect of this capsule is also seen in the behaviors of the individuals. It increases the social interaction potential and also helps in increasing the talkative behavior of a person too. It is a great remedy for the introverts who do struggle regarding their social communication skills. The stimulant effects are of great significance if consumed in moderate doses.

Additional medicinal properties

Several case studies and patients’ personal experiences show that there are many other medicinal effects of Kratom capsules also. These effects include:

  • Anti-pyretic effect as it lowers down the fever in many cases.
  • Anti-hypertensive effect as it controls the blood pressure in many cases.
  • Anti-tussive effect as it suppressed cough in many cases.
  • Some other effects include anti-inflammatory effects, acts as a local anesthetic, anti-diarrheal, and blood sugar controlling effect.

These effects are purely noticed by case studies and patients’ personal experience; there are no clinical proving or researches that can show evidence and assure these effects.

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Side effects of higher doses of Kratom capsules

As it is said that anything consumed in higher quantities can be dangerous, and with medicines like this one, it is essential to be aware of the ill effects of the consumption of higher doses.

Acute hazards

These are health hazards that affect the human body in a really harmful way but can be controlled with mild treatments if observed in time. These acute hazards include:

  • Nausea and sweating
  • Dry mouth and increased urination
  • Loss of appetite and constipation
  • Itching
  • Sedation, dizziness, and confusion.

These acute hazards are easily noticeable as the behavior of the person starts changing really fast. He starts acting dumb, faces a lot of dizziness, and much more. The physical symptoms are also pretty easy to notice; the patient itself can notice how the extra doses of the capsules have started altering his health.

Chronic Hazards

Much more harmful than the acute hazards and harder to control and treat the chronic hazards may be noticed when the situations at the worst conditions of the patient. These hazards are Liver injury, Hypothydriodim, and the most dangerous one withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms are similar to that of opioid drugs. As it is a plant derivative, the Kratom capsules are referred to as safe, but on high usage, these can become addictive and show withdrawal symptoms too. Let us learn more about the addictive nature of these capsules.

Addictive nature of Kratom capsules

The Kratom capsule is referred to as an addictive by the natives of Southeast Asia who consume the plant leaves itself. But as these as plant derivatives, these are said to be safe and a great alternative for the opioid drugs. So, while consuming these capsules, the patients are suggested to go for minor doses so that there are the least amount of hazards, and this medicine can become a healthy companion for your life.

Are Cramton Capsules safe?

Nothing can be described as safe or dangerous it all depends upon the quantity, so does this capsule. When consumed in minor doses, it acts as a great remedy, but when consumed in higher quantities, it can be a great hazard for your health.