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Dog owners are usually sad when their dogs get missing. The most important thing on their mind is finding their lost dog. There are several measures which a dog owner can engage in to find their lost dog, one of which is creating a lost dog poster. Let’s look at things to keep in mind when preparing a Lost dog poster and the best software to use in creating the poster.

Tips to know when creating a lost dog poster

Before designing a poster, here are pertinent things to have in mind:

Bold Your phrases

Dog owners should try to enlarge fonts and words to get people’s attention. Words like “Missing dogs” or ’ lost dogs’ should be in bold.


Wordings are not enough to get people’s attention, you need to insert a clear dog’s picture. These dogs picture helps to attract peoples attention to the poster.

Put your details

You might be lucky that someone will find your lost dog, however, without valid contact details, it will be futile. Your details should consist of: Home address, phone number and email address.

Use unique poster boards

Picking the poster board to paste your poster should be a good material. This is to avoid environmental issues like wind or rain.

The Best software to use for lost dog poster

Here is some excellent software to create a compelling lost dog poster:

Adobe Spark

This is a great design tool for those who want to design a lost dog poster. This tool simplifies photo creation which beginners can use easily. A poster created by this software shows a good tone and themes.


Canva is a popular lost dog poster software because it is reliable and easy to use. You can create amazing designs and photos. It has many features like an image cropper, cleaning tools and pictures enhancer. There are hundreds of lost dogs templates on this software which you can insert your details easily.


The infographics software is an excellent tool that offers a simple solution for those who want to make a lost dog poster. This tool allows you to create images via fast start, visual editing and customization.


Those looking for a cloud-based photo tool that provides a fast way to make a lost dog poster will love stencil. It is a popular online poster tool that is efficient for image-making, posters and presentations.


This product is created by Depositphotos. It is a great lost dog poster tool that creates clear images, ad banners and email headers. Crello offers more than 600 design features and 10,000 templates.

Design Cap

Those looking for online poster and flyers which will show an image clearly should choose Design Cap. Some features of this include

  • An inbuilt Template
  • Image converter (JPEG, PNG or Jpg)
  • Theme palette generator, image compressor.

These features can be used for free, however, some other unique features are paid.


A highly recommended online template that comes in handy when making a lost dog poster. This software allows users to create, customize and edit materials easily. A major attraction to this tool is its ease to use and great quality templates. You can upload your lost dog picture easily, scale, crop and edit the pictures easily.

Using quality software to design your lost dog poster is important to help you find your dog easily. This best software allows you to create a lost dog poster quickly.


Which are the steps to be followed in order to find your missing dog? 

Most pet lovers form an affectionate attachment with their pets. This is why losing them is a disarming and particularly agonizing experience.  But rather than dramatize the situation, it is possible to begin the search for your lost dog through the next steps. 

File a loss report

According to legislation, you must have identified your dog in the national I-CAD registry.  The time has come to use this identification to advance in your research.  The first thing to do is to fill out the form on the official I-CAD website to report a loss.  You may also accomplish this step by contacting the service directly by phone or via the dedicated mobile app. 

Posting ads online  

Some sites specialized in searching for missing pets propose to advertise until the pet is found. This is an effective way, as experts will share the information on social networks or online forums. 

Recheck the interior of your home and the surrounding area  

Generally, a dog will run away from home if it is frightened by its owner’s aggressive behavior.  To sulk, he hides in the back of the sofa, from the household appliances.  By calling his name loudly and several times, he may leave his hiding place and come to you.