How many times prophet muhammad mentioned in quran ?

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In the same way that Christ is an emblematic figure of the Holy Bible, the Prophet Muhammad is also inherent in the Quran. Considered a true Messenger of Allah, it must still be recognized that the entire content of the Quran does not revolve around the prophet. Yet, the number of times the name of this iconic character appears has been deciphered. Indeed, we do not find the name of Muhammad but 4 times in the set of 114 suras constituting the Holy Quran.

The first time in Sura Al Imran verse 144: Quran 3/144

Containing exactly two hundred verses within it, Al Imran is the third chapter of the Quran. It is written in 3503 words with 14605 letters. Imran is considered in the Qur’an to be the father of Mary. The peculiarity of this chapter is related to the fact that it refers to the event of Badr and that of Uhud. Moreover, it is one of the first chapters of the Quran in which the name of the Prophet Muhammad was first mentioned.

Besides, the passage of this surah urges believers to remain faithful to Allah and not to mortals. Verse 144 of Chapter III indicates that the Prophet Muhammad is only a messenger. He goes further by specifying that there are many messengers who came before the holy prophet.

The second time in Surah Al-Ahzab verse 40: Quran 33/40

Named after coalition, combined forces, or even join forces, Al-Ahzab takes its name from alliances that fought against Muslims. This 33rd chapter of the Quran comprising 73 verses is also known under the seal of the battle of the parts of Medina. The peculiarity of this surah is linked to the fact that it constitutes the second passage in which the name of the Prophet Muhammad was mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Furthermore, this sura underlines the fact that the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, would be the last of the prophets. Thus, we will read through this passage that Muhammad was not the father of the men but rather the Messenger of Allah and likewise the last of the prophets.

The third time in Surah Muhammad verse 2: Quran 47/2

Containing exactly 38 verses, Muhammad which constitutes the 47th chapter of the Quran comes from a direct mention of the prophet. Also known as Al-Qital, this chapter highlights the battles that arose from those who banned Islam. This sura also refers to the context in which an army had assembled to attack Medina.

It is actually the battle of Badr which took place during Ramadan and precisely during the year 2. It is precisely in this chapter that the name of the prophet was mentioned for the third time in the holy Quran. This passage puts before the grace of Allah on those who believe and fulfill the revelations made to the prophet.

The fourth time in Sura Al-Fath verse 29: Quran 48/29

The 48th chapter of the Quran contains a total of 29 verses. This sura is inscribed under the seal of victory or even of triumph. Criticizing between its lines the hypocritical attitude of some people, this surah emphasizes the virtues inherent in the Muslim community. The reason why this chapter is titled Triumph comes from the quintessential peaceful nature of Islam.

This chapter also emphasizes that the Prophet Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah. He goes even further by specifying that those who are with the prophet are strong people against the unbelievers. This is the fourth time the name of the prophet is mentioned in the Holy Quran.