How to turn off house alarm without code ?

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In order to detect intrusions into homes, several people install an alarm device. It is not uncommon to notice that these malfunction at times. In this kind of situation, how do you disarm the alarm without calling a professional? Find out the steps to take here.

The trick to deactivating the house alarm without a code

To disarm your alarm without having the code, the first thing to do is identify the metal box. It is usually in a closed room. For example, it can be found in the garage, the bathroom or in the basement. Its location depends on what you chose when installing it. If this is a purchased house, find out its location when buying. This box is connected to your mobile phone line so that you can easily contact the monitoring agency. It contains the computer and the alarm battery. It’s sort of the brains of the security system.

Before you can locate the metal box, you must disconnect the power and the backup battery. Next, locate the box. As you examine it, you will notice a wire that serves as power between it and the plug-in AC power transformer. As soon as you disconnect this plug, the alarm will be disarmed.

For some transformer models, the connection is made next to the junction box or on an electrical panel. In either case, if you remove one of the wires from the transformer to the panel, the alarm will stop. In either case, as soon as the wires are disconnected, the alarm will stop.

In the event that the metal case battery takes over, open the case and disconnect one of the system wires from the battery. So the alarm stopped making noise.

A few useful tips

In the majority of cases, disarming the alarm without the code is not easy. We, therefore, advise you to be careful and to follow our few tips:

  • It would always be best to know the code for your alarm, as some security systems are complex and you cannot easily stop the alarm. For other security systems, you will pay a fee to re-alarm if disarmed.
  • In an emergency, have your security agency assist you to help you disconnect the alarm. Contact them by phone for remote assistance. It is always best to avoid damaging the system.
  • If the noise is not too annoying, call a professional who will disarm the alarm without causing any damage, and this almost for free
  • You can use the console’s troubleshooting guide to make sure you can disconnect the correct electrical wires.
  • After disconnecting the security system yourself, always inform the security agency so that they can efficiently resolve the problem.

Follow these tips so that you can prevent malfunction or damage to your device.

In any case, disconnecting the security alarm is not the hardest thing to do. The most complex is to do it without damaging it. Be careful!