What makes a good personalized baptism gift ?

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You are invited to a baptism. You wonder if it is all right to show up to the ceremony empty-handed. Indeed, it is customary to give a gift when invited to this kind of ceremony. But, you lack the inspiration for choosing the right gift. Read this guide to discover some ideas for personalized gifts to give at a baptism.

Baptism jewelry

Christening jewels are the most common gifts offered for this type of ceremony. Most often, they are offered by the godfather and godmother of the baptized baby. This is why in general, a medal and its chain or a bracelet are offered as gifts.

Christening jewelry can be gold or silver. But also, they can be modern or traditional, secular or religious. For example, for a religious baptism, a medal illustrated with the face of the Virgin Mary can be offered as a present.

On the other hand, for a civil baptism, a medal with an element of nature or a dove for example could do the trick. In these two cases, personalization of the gift will be very appreciated. The latter may be materialized by an inscription of the initials of the child’s name on the medal.

But also, to personalize a baptism jewel, you can write the date of birth of the child or the date of baptism. Neutral jewelry will also give a religious connotation to a baptismal gift.

We can give as an example for this case, an amber necklace or a gold bracelet.

A special box

A special box can be a good gift for a baptism. This is the case with a music box. The latter is an always fashionable present that will also please parents. Such a gift allows the child to keep a memory of his baptism.

A jewelry box can also be used as a baptismal gift. This present is one of the great classics in baptism gifts. And even more original as a present, there is the milk tooth box.

This type of gift is a custom in some families. That’s why a christening ceremony is a great time to give this type of gift.


It is common at baptism to give children’s clothes as a gift. It is a gift that is useful to the parents of the baptized. To give a personalized gift, you can choose linen embroidered with the child’s first name.

But also, you can opt for a bib with the initials of the child’s name. Before purchasing the gift, you can ask the child’s parents for the ideal size.


Silverware is a gift that can be offered during a civil baptism. It is also one of the classics of gifts to offer for a baptism. These can be pretty silver, pewter, or silver-plated objects with the child’s initials on them.

For example, during a baptism, a guest can give as a gift a cup, a cup, or cutlery. But also, he can also offer an egg cup and his spoon.