How to install plugins to minecraft server ?

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Installing plugins on a Minecraft server allows for better administration. Thus, you will have access to several other functionalities than the basic ones. This, therefore, simplifies its use and also makes it possible for you to ensure its protection. However, to install the plugins, there are several steps to follow. Discover them!

Installing plugins on the Minecraft server: what to do? 

To install plugins on the Minecraft server, you can do the following.

You must first log in to access the server. For this, you must go to the control panel. Then log in and install a jar server. You can either choose between Spigot and Cratfbukkit.

Next, find the Plug-ins tab and click on it. Then, look for the plugins you want to install. When you find them, click on the “install” button. In most cases, it is located on  the right of the plug-in’s name. However, some plug-ins load in a rather peculiar way. To download them, you must first install other plug-ins.

To find out if a plug-in has this particularity, all you have to do is consult its information. Finally, to access these, click on the “More info” button. Once the plug-in’s installation is complete, restart the server. This completes the installation process, and you can access the new plug-in once you restart the PC or the server.

Additionally, you can use another method to download plug-ins; FTP access. To do this, you must first log into the control panel. Then, go to the server manager. Next, find the tab titled “File Manager” and click on it. Connect by selecting the FTP mode. You can now download the plugins you want. Finally, restart the server.

The best plugins to install on the Minecraft server

Many plugins are meant to be installed on a Minecraft server. Each of them has specific features. Here are some of them:

  • The Essentials plug-in

The Essentials plug-in is necessary for the proper functioning of the Minecraft server. Indeed, it adds to the latter, several commands, and functionalities.

  • The Vault plug-in

Vault is a very important plug-in. It facilitates the installation of several other plug-ins on the server. It also provides a Framework necessary for the proper functioning of the other plugins.

  • The ProtocolLib plug-in

Although considered unnecessary by some gamers, ProtocolLib remains a useful plug-in. It is the basis for the operation of several other plug-ins. It also gives web developers quick access to the Minecraft API.

  • The WorldGuard plug-in

WordGuard is among the most effective software for protecting a Minecraft server. It gives you the possibility to delimit several zones in the world and control them. In addition, it also allows the creation of flags on each zone. This gives you the option to change the game settings.

  • The QuidBoard plug-in

QuidBoard is a plug-in used for creating scoreboards. It allows you to manage many Placeholders. These are links used to display player information.