What is the first thing you need to know when repairing a toilet ?

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As tough as they may seem, toilets can have many types of problems. Depending on the latter, there is a first possible solution in each case. If you use a modern toilet in your home, it is worth knowing the different problems and the first solutions that go with them.

The case of a malfunction of the flushing mechanism

There are several types of toilet mechanisms. The most popular in homes are push mechanisms and pull mechanisms. Usually, these two systems often encounter a problem with the malfunction of the flushing mechanism. More often than not, the mechanism sinks moves, or gets stuck. This causes an uninterrupted flow of the water contained in the tank. This problem is not to be taken lightly, because it causes a very significant loss of water which will act negatively on the water bill.

As soon as you notice this failure, the first thing you need to know is that it is a problem caused by improper use. However, you can solve it yourself if you have the necessary tools. It may be a loosening of the screw which is placed at the level of the pusher. To solve it, all you have to do is open it and screw it back in. However, if you have no experience in the field, you can always hire a plumber.

The case of a toilet leak

The problem of water leakage is the one that most homes encounter with their toilets. Although the latter is not quickly detected, it is the cause of an unusual increase in water consumption. This is the factor that usually tells you that the toilet is leaking. Indeed, this dysfunction is sometimes soundless.

When you notice that your toilet is leaking, the first thing you need to know is that there are several things that could be causing it to fail. It could be:

  • poor positioning of the float,
  • a loosening of the fixing joint or
  • continuous pressure from the pusher on the flushing mechanism.

The most effective solution would then be to bring in a plumber for a repair.

However, if you feel able to spot the fault and fix it, you can quickly do it. That said, it is important that you know how to do it so that you don’t create additional problems.

In case of lime deposit

It sounds harmless, but the lime build-up is a major problem often found in toilets. Indeed, it is an accumulation of limestone in the bottom of the water tank. This leads to an uncontrolled increase in the quantity of water contained in the reservoir. Thus, when the latter receives the amount of water that is normally intended for him, he finds himself unable to contain it. It is at this time that we observe a flow of water from the inside of the tank to the outside.

When you are faced with such a situation, the very first thing you need to know is that there is no need to panic. Indeed, the evacuation of lime in the tank of a toilet is a very easy thing. To educate yourself, you can learn about natural ways that can help you sanitize your toilet tank.

On the other hand, if you are unable to do the repair yourself, you can always turn to a plumbing company.