How to offer seo services if you have a web agency ?

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With the competitive climate that characterizes the business world, some commercial companies prefer to entrust the management of their image to SEO specialist marketing agencies. These are structures that improve the visibility of these companies through their action plan. The referencing strategies used are said to be at the origin of this social outbreak. So what are the SEO techniques implemented by digital marketers to make brands thrive?

Choose natural referencing SEO

Web agencies can offer SEO services by combining SEO, SEA and SEM. Indeed, each referencing method is based on a very specific principle. To take advantage of the attributes of each, it is best to combine them. You can then establish the SEO-SEA, SEO-SEM or SEA-SEM association. It would be more strategic to go for the triple mode which will guarantee you more audience.

In addition, SEO is the basic in SEO. This method is based on the use of keywords in the creation of your content. Beforehand, your communications agency must master the activities of the client company. It is necessary to hold all the details related to the goods and services offered by it. Whether it is an e-commerce company, a training center, a restaurant, a hotel or others, you must develop the entire lexical field of the field of activity.

Suppose an individual, during their Google searches, types in “trading forex broker”. Automatically suggestions will appear. We would certainly see links to certain forex brokers, blog articles relating to the subject, and online comparators which analyze several brokers’ offers according to the prices charged. However, what interests them most is the information entered by the Internet user.

You should know that most Internet users do not formulate ready-made sentences when investigating search engines. They type in the keywords. So, to sell your products and be seen better, you need to use certain keywords in the editorial content you create. However, be aware that this does not guarantee the top ranks in Google results.

Use SEA referencing

Today the SEO world knows about SEA. It is this solution that allows your products to appear in the first Google suggestions when the Internet user’s search is well referenced. It is a process based on the purchase of Google Ads advertising space. Many marketing agencies use it to boost their clients’ business.

If you are responsible for ensuring the competitive intelligence of an art sales structure, you will need to apply SEO to perfection, even before auctioning off advertising space from the giant Google. And the impact of social media in all of this?

Opt for SEM SEO

This is the SEO method that concerns you the most as a Community Manager. It is based on the use of social networks. SEM SEO obviously requires good SEO referencing so that potential buyers can find you easily.

For a digital marketing agency, these three SEO methods are essential. You have to master them and be able to formalize them on behalf of the commercial entities that will ask you.