How to guarantee failure in your agile devops transformation ?

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Above all, DevOps is an approach that is based on the implementation of close collaboration between two business teams. Usually, these are development and research teams. As part of the agile transformation, it is possible to build on the DevOps practice. However, there is a set of processes that can cause your agile DevOps transformation to fail. Here are some guidelines.

Not defining a strategy or objectives

To ensure the failure of your agile DevOps transformation, the first thing to do is not to define a strategy let alone goals. So, this is the best way to not know where you are going in your agile DevOps transformation. Without strategy and goals, you also won’t know how to go about it. All the conditions are already in place for your desire for agile transformation to fail. Even if you set a strategy and don’t distribute it to your tech team, the outcome will still be the same.

Apply the “ostrich technique”

Another way to guarantee the failure of your agile DevOps transformation is to adopt the well-known “ostrich technique” approach. This then consists of especially not looking at where you stand. An optimal agile transformation would be achieved through the use of various relevant indicators.

So to make your agile transition fail, avoid piloting it with the slightest indicator. If you have indicators, don’t look to see which ones are orange or even red, everything is always green for you. The use of hard-to-measure metrics also guarantees the failure of an agile transition.

Not to be motivated

Another key to the failure of an agile DevOps transformation is the demotivation of your teams. To guarantee a dismal failure, the ideal is even to initiate the agile transition with the least motivated employees possible. In this context, you will hardly run out of ideas to demotivate them.

You can provide unfounded justifications to explain your main motivation for leading an Agile transformation. Tell them that you are going with the flow or that you are doing it to be trendy. Everything you say to demotivate people will quickly lead to the failure of your agile transition.

Reduce your expenses

To ensure the failure of your agile DevOps transformation, you can only focus on limiting expenses. If you have already committed budgets within your teams, then think about withdrawing them little by little. Then, push your employees to the maximum to produce more with a minimum of means. Thus, with this combination of reducing your expenses and reducing your ambitions, you will succeed in defeating the agile transition project.

Find a bad sponsor

To achieve a failed Agile transformation, the best possible guarantee is to work with a bad sponsor. Normally, starting a DevOps agile transformation quickly means finding your sponsor very quickly.

So to make your project fail, your future sponsor must have the following profile: a partner with limited power, no own budget, unmotivated by this transition, far from being recognized as a leader, etc.