How to install above ground swimming pool ?

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Having a swimming pool at home is far from a luxury. It contributes to your well-being and allows you to exercise or relax. A swim in the pool basically helps you relax all your muscles, your nervous system and make you more joyful. However, installing a swimming pool can be a little expensive and sometimes requires large spaces. An alternative has developed over time, and that is the above-ground swimming pool. This type of pool is mobile, and you can take it with you when you move. Learn about the process of installing such equipment.

Preparing the ground

The first step to take if you want an above-ground swimming pool in your home is to prepare the location. This place should be spacious, sunny and close to your house. It should be stable and flat, without roots or stones. You must absolutely take into account the nature of your soil. Avoid sandy or clayey soils lest your pool sink. To avoid all the constraints related to the instability of the ground, it is advisable to make a concrete slab that will serve as a base for the equipment.

Construction and solidification of the base

Whether you opt for a concrete slab base or not, you should seriously invest in its realization. The wrong base could have serious consequences for your pool in the future.

It is, therefore, necessary first to draw your base. To do this, set up a metal rod in the middle of the field then define a radius according to the dimension you want. However, there should be a 30 cm radius in addition to that of your pool. Delimit your plot and remove the sod from the area to be exploited. With a spade, turn the soil over and level it. Pour a layer of sand on top and smooth it out with a vibrating plate. For concrete paving, call on specialists for an impeccable job.

Assembly and assembly of pool parts

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is imperative to assemble the parts of the pool before assembly. Assembly is a step that allows you to take stock of the parts. By doing this, you will be able to detect if there are any missing parts. If so, you should seek to recover them before continuing with your work. If all the parts are together, you will have to follow the assembly instructions to the letter.

Install the walls starting with the interior grooves. The use of percussion pistols could damage the walls. Also make sure that no screws or sharp, pointed objects are likely to damage your canvas. Clear your work area before any manipulation of the canvas. Keep the top of the liner while pushing it into the grooves around the pool. The bottom of your installation should not have any folds.

Filling the swimming pool

The long-awaited moment is here. You can now fill your pool taking into account its capacity in terms of liters of water. You can use a hose for a faster result.

Now follow these guidelines and enjoy yourself from your above-ground pool too.