How do i become a private hire taxi driver ?

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Taking up the profession of private taxi driver implies respecting certain criteria necessary for the practice of the profession. In addition to having a driving license, the future driver must have other documents, details of which we give you below.

The prerequisites for the profession of a taxi driver

The future taxi driver must have certain skills before claiming access to the profession. Therefore, there are necessary conditions imposed on it. In fact, the latter must first hold a valid driving license, category B. He must also have held one for at least 3 years or 2 years in accompanied driving.

Then the future taxi driver must have the approval of a licensed doctor, making him fit to practice the profession and a first-aid certificate or PSC1 valid for at least 2 years. In addition, he must have a criminal record free from convictions incompatible with the practice of the profession.

All these conditions give the driver the skills to exercise in the field of driving. However, he must have another important element.

The need to obtain a professional card

The professional taxi driver or VTC card is essential to exercise the activity. It is acquired by obtaining a favorable result in the examination of the certificate of professional competence. This test is regularly organized by the competent authority and registration is conditioned by a form available at the prefecture or on the Internet. Taxi training is recommended to better tackle this exam.

The application for the professional card is made after passing the proficiency exam. This is issued to the applicant within 3 months of the formulation of his request.

In addition, the professional card is attached to the locality where the exam is taken and also indicates the driver’s practice department. The latter must participate in a continuing training course every 5 years.

Obtaining the taxi license

A taxi license or parking authorization (ADS) is essential for the practice of the profession of a taxi driver. It is possible to own it or rent the license from an operator.

To obtain a license in the aforementioned cases, the driver can act in two different ways. The first is to make a request to the town hall of the place where the activity is carried out. The driver must then proceed with a registration which is only valid for one year. This will lead to obtaining the license which the driver will own. However, it should be noted that the issuance of the Parking Authorization can take several months or years.

He can also become the owner of a license by purchasing it with a taxi driver who is out of business. The latter can sell it to him at the price of his choice. However, the future driver cannot buy a license obtained after October 1, 2014.

In addition, the license can be leased to him by a company to which he will regularly pay rent.